Battery Recycling

As a purchaser and user of batteries, you are ultimately responsible for any environmental damage that may occur from the improper disposal of your batteries. The EPA says thermal recovery (recycling) is the only environmentally responsible disposition method.

Liability for environmental cleanup is retroactive, strict, joint and severe. The EPA can sue anyone and everyone they can trace to a Superfund site. When big polluters are sued, they in turn reach back to sue everyone they can find who contributed to the problem. You may be responsible for huge cleanup expenses, no matter who land filled or improperly treated your batteries – even years down the road.

We also provide Las Vegas Battery Recycling for Nevada residents.

Battery and Charger Inspections

We provide on-site battery and charger inspections with full reports detailing all aspects of your batteries and chargers. Maintaining the charger and its control system is crucial to achieving maximum performance from your forklift battery. Your battery problems could actually be the result of a faulty charger. Charger problems range from simply changing an AC fuse to replacing the entire control board. Our service technicians are able to find and correct small problems before they become larger more costly problems.

Predictive / Periodic Agreements

We provide typical annual agreements as well as custom-tailor them depending on your needs. They can cover, but are not limited to: battery watering battery and charger periodic maintenance that is a routine complete inspection of your forklift battery and charger fleet. battery and charger life by eliminating problems before they happen. We leave no stone upturned! Our service technicians will perform comprehensive tests on batteries, chargers and battery changing equipment as well as any optional accessories such as single point filling systems. We can design a periodic maintenance program to meet your needs for monthly, quarterly or semi annually PM services for a single battery/charger to battery and charger fleets.

Shop Evaluation and Repair/Reconditioning

After evaluation of your battery, if necessary, we can pickup your batteries, leave a loaner battery and return it to the shop to equalize, acid balance, and capacity test each one. If necessary, we will refurbish your batteries through steam cleaning, resealing, and painting. We can also rebuild your batteries through cell replacement, cable replacement, and any other repairs as needed.